R&D Projects

In The Works…

Metsen also has a variety of new viable initiatives separate from our core products. Here are some things we’re working on…

Some Things We’re Working On…

  1. Lignin Applications in Steelmaking
  2. Steel Integration in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)
  3. Torrefaction/Pyrolysis Systems
  4. BioEnergy/Syngas
  5. MSW Energy Recovery
  6. Residential Fuel Cells and Vanadium Storage Applications
  7. Neural Microgrids for Energy Autonomy
  8. CO2 Capture & Conversion
  9. enSAFE Neural Monitoring Systems for:
    • Noise Abatement
    • Traffic Calming
    • Pollution Abatement
    • Motor-Vehicle / Bicycle / Pedestrian Safety
    • Smart Intersections

Confidential Section:

  • HydroWeigh
  • Ladle Chemistry Homogenization
  • Mold Analytics
  • Laser Temperature

More info?

If you would like to know more information about our R&D projects contact us.