Ladle Slag Detection

The Slagman Vibration Slag Detector (VSD) accurately detects the steel/slag transition at the end of every ladle.  You’ll know precisely when to end a heat every time.  The Slagman VSD is built with simplicity to maximize up-time and operator trust.


  • All-digital vibration sensors for internal-calibration and noise-free operation.
  • Full integration with your plant’s level 1 and level 2 systems to keep track of heat numbers, crew, tundish levels, and other vital caster information.
  • Improved tundish life (safety and working linings).
  • Improved yield.
  • No ladle modification required.
  • No down-time required for installation or maintenance.
  • Best hit-rate in the industry.
  • Off-site remote support and analysis.
  • Synchronized tundish pour-box video with Level 1 & 2 data, provides an integrated detailed archived record of all teeming events.
  • Historical viewer provided for analytics of heat and operator performance.
  • Historical viewer has analytical reporting features for automatic calculation of operator reaction times, minimum tundish weight, number of slide gate moves, and even the quality of the ladle shroud seal.
…Metsen’s Slagman VSD is the perfect solution.

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